Should mental disorders and illnesses actually be named


Should mental disorders and illnesses actually be named

Should mental disorders and illnesses actually be named

‘Beyond My Label’ is a site with the intention of helping to join the battle against prejudice, discrimination and stigma among mental health. Labels can lead to discrimination, stigmatization and other problems and we need to educate society and speak up against such issues. Labels can be damaging. But, are they necessary at all? Should mental disorders and illnesses actually be named?

It is not pleasant for most people to be ‘labelled’ with anything especially when it pertains to mental health. However, for the overall benefit of those receiving treatment for any mental health problem or disorder, it could be justifiable to attach some sort of terminology to the problem or disorder. Therefore, many people such as doctors and psychiatrists will agree that all disorders and illnesses really do need a name. Unfortunately, one may feel, or literally be labelled, however researchers would argue that names are necessary. Clinicians need a basis to work from; they need to know what they are dealing with or what they are talking about. It is very important for clinicians to research and have a comprehension of underlying causes, and this helps to develop further means of helping those who are battling mental disorders and illnesses. What would happen if someone with schizoaffective disorder was seeking medical and professional help, and doctors referred to this condition as ‘that thing where people hear voices and also have depression’? What would happen when another person presents with ‘that thing where people hear voices’, experiences ongoing depression, but also experiences the opposite (extreme ‘highs’)? It would lead to all sorts of confusion. What would happen if someone had skin cancer, and was seen as ‘that thing where you have sores on your skin’? How might this be confused with other conditions where people have sores on their skin? Diagnosis’ are therefore quite justifiable in terms of medical research and intervention, but one thing is for sure; we don’t need to be treated as ‘that sick person’. Inappropriate labels hurt, they cause pain and lead to many problems. Always, ALWAYS talk about the person first…..the person with schizophrenia, NOT the ‘schizophrenic’. That is where labels hurt. Thank you for reading ‘Should mental disorders and illnesses actually be named’.

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Should mental disorders and illnesses actually be named

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