Professional Ethics and Conduct


 Professional Ethics and Conduct:

The purpose of this policy is to apply a code of professional ethics to the workplace which is consistent with the mission, values, and objectives of Beyond My Label and with best practice in the industry.

This policy is to be used in conjunction with the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Record of policy development
Version Date approved Date for review
2018/1.0 14/11/2018 01/07/2020


Responsibilities and delegations
This policy applies to Owner/founder, staff and volunteers
Policy approval Owner/founder


Policy context – this policy relates to:
Standards HSQF Standards
Contractual obligations  
Organisation policies  

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Conflicts of Interest



Forms, record keeping, other documents  


Dealing with people

When dealing with one another, clients and service users, external stakeholders and other agency representatives, and staff members will be respectful, honest and courteous. Staff members will give accurate information and prompt attention and observe fairness and equity in their dealings with others.

Working with Clients

When interacting or working with people using the services of Beyond My Label, staff will:

  • always treat service users with respect, and be mindful of their rights to privacy and confidentiality
  • always show respect for people’s cultural or religious sensitivities or requirements, and ensure the responsiveness of the service to their particular needs and circumstances
  • ensure that service users are provided with, and understand, all information relevant to their situation, options available to them and conditions of use for the service
  • ensure they have access to independent advocacy or support, if they require, in making any decisions
  • be aware of personal boundaries and never enter into a sexual relationship with a service user at the time of their service use and within 2 years after exiting service.
  • not accept money or other gifts of any monetary value.
  • not enter into a friendship, nor treat any working alliance as a friendship.

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