Client Safety and Security


Client Safety and Security:

Applies to: Owner/founder, staff and volunteers   Version: 1.0
Specific responsibility: Date approved:     14/11/2018
Next review date:     01/07/2020                                                     


Policy context: This policy relates to
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Contractual obligations

Policy statement

Beyond My Label is committed to personal safety and the right of people to live in dignity and security without fear of threat or harm and to be free from exploitation and abuse.


The organisation will:

  • ensure the physical environment is safe
  • conduct thorough screening of both staff and volunteers working with vulnerable clients
  • assist and support clients to assess and manage risks
  • support clients to safely and effectively manage medication
  • provide all staff with information and training on duty of care
  • ensure that clients are protected from abuse or neglect, and that any incidents of harm are promptly addressed and investigated
  • provide staff induction and training and regularly review staff levels to ensure appropriate levels of care



  1. Physical environment

It is the responsibility of Beyond My Label to minimise physical risks to clients. The organisation will meet reasonable community standards, and comply with all legal requirements affecting the physical and environmental safety of clients. This includes fire and motor vehicle safety, and public health requirements. The organisation will implement a regular review process yearly and update their compliance with community standards and legal requirements.





The organisation will comply with fire risk management guidelines which outline specific requirements relating to building construction, furnishings, smoke detection systems, fire extinguishing equipment, means of exit, fire prevention, fire safety management, evacuation capability, fire and emergency evacuation plans, emergency procedures and maintenance of essential fire safety services. Staff must be trained in relation to these guidelines. It is the responsibility of the owner/founder to ensure that compliance requirements are met.


  1. Staff screening

Prior to commencing work with clients, all staff and volunteers, will undergo a comprehensive screening process which will include criminal record check, child protection check -where relevant, referee checks and interviews. The findings of the screening are to be documented in the personnel files of staff and volunteers.


  1. Risk assessment

A risk assessment will be undertaken by staff jointly with clients at each stage of care.


Clients will be supported to identify and manage risks in their own environment and in any activities they undertake by:

  • To assist and enable clients to identify and manage risks, Beyond My Label will include provision of plain English information on risk management, undertake risk assessment jointly with staff, and follow-up on written information and specific assistance to clients who may experience cultural or language barriers, or who may need specialised advocacy or support.


Where clients do not have the capacity to understand risks to their personal safety, Beyond My Label will:

  • Invite or appoint an advocate, or submit a Guardianship application.


For services conducted in the client’s home, the assessment will also include environmental assessment.


  1. Suicide and self-harm

All clients presenting with suicidal and or self-harming behaviour will be assessed to determine the level and immediacy of suicide and/or self-harm risk.

The assessment for clients with self-harming or suicidal behaviour will include interviews with the client; observation; medical, psychiatric and personal history; feedback from other staff; and information from family and carers.


If a client is assessed as being at risk of suicide and/or self-harm, intervention strategies to decrease the risk are to be developed and implemented.


Where staff members are concerned about a client’s immediate suicide or self-harm risk, the client’s physical safety should be addressed without delay as a priority.


  1. Risk management

Where risks of harm are identified, a range of harm minimisation strategies which may include avoidance of triggers, family support, reassurance with familiar objects and education, will be discussed with the client and family [where relevant]. Agreed actions will then be documented in the client file.


Risk management and harm minimisation strategies will minimise and wherever possible eliminate the need for restraint.


Whenever staff are required to use restraint to prevent harm to the client or others, this will be documented on the client file, an incident report on the incident report form/template will also be completed.  An investigation of the incident and the response will be undertaken and a report prepared outlining whether any further action is required.


All risk assessments and harm minimisation plans will be documented and included in the client’s file.


  1. Medication management

Staff involved in the storage, transportation, administration or prompting of medication will be trained in the Beyond My Label’s medication policy and procedures and assessed as competent prior to undertaking any medication function.


  1. Transport of clients

All clients will be transported in accordance with the National Safe Transport principles.


  1. Abuse and neglect risks and reporting and management procedures

Beyond My Label has a duty of care to implement prevention strategies that include suitable recruitment screening processes and protocols for identifying the risk indicators for abuse and neglect. It is the responsibility of the organisation to minimise the risk of abuse (sexual assault, physical, emotional, financial) and neglect to clients.

Any suspected or reported allegations of abuse or neglect will be will be dealt with promptly, and investigated and responded to within 5 days.

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