Overcoming Fear of Failure


Overcoming Fear of Failure

Overcoming Fear of Failure

Overcoming fear of failure is probably something you have heard a lot of people talk about. With all good intentions, and the idea that one might overcome their fear of failure, it still remains; fear that is.

You might have a new ideal, or goal, or opportunity. You may have dreamt of this moment for a long time. Perhaps it is something you have been working towards for years. Then moment arrives, the curtain opens, and the opportunity is presented and suddenly you freeze.
You may think to yourself: “What if I don’t succeed?” “This was a bad idea,” “I can’t do this.”

Before you have even started you have already lost. Why does this happen? The answer may be because of fear of failure, and this fear can act like a cancer to any personal growth and development. The good news though, is that overcoming fear of failure is possible.

Overcoming fear of failure

Here are some practical steps to overcoming fear of failure:

You Are Not Alone-
Fear of failure, is very common. This is not unique to a certain group of people, and it is no fault on your part. High-level achieving persons, however, have learnt how to control and use fear and not allow the fear to control them.

The first step to overcoming fear of failure is to realise that this is a universal experience. When you have come to this realisation, you will have taken the first and arguably largest step in the process of overcoming fear of failure.

What’s the Worst That Could Happen?
What is the worst thing that could occur if you fail? So many times, our fear of the consequence of failure is far out of proportion with what will actually or realistically happen. We tend to believe that the risk is not worth the reward of accomplishment. Very often people overestimate the bad and underestimate the good. This creates a self-propelled fear of failure cycle. Rather than being continually caught up in this, identify what the most likely outcome might be that could occur from failing. With realistic understanding of the possible outcomes, you can mark your exaggerated fears as such, and move past this obstacle.

Overcoming fear of failure

Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?
We tend to accomplish the things we are motivated to do. The logical next question is: what is your motivation? Are you motivated to succeed or are you just motivated to avoid failure? Framing your motivation around a negative motivator, like avoiding failure, may increase your fear of failure.
Instead you can overcome fear by building your motivation on a positive framework like the rewards of successes. What does accomplishment of this goal achieve? What benefit is there for you to want to accomplish this task? Identifying these types of positive motivators can be the propellant that allows you to overcome the hurdle of fear of failure.

Overcoming fear of failure

Define success
Many times, success is defined too broadly and is typically an all or nothing measure. Fear of failure can be grounded in this wrong perception of what success is. Defining the various levels of success within a goal lessens the fear of failure. With this appropriate definition of success, you are more likely to accomplish something within the overall goal or tasks. You remove the fear of failure and allow yourself to focus on what you did achieve instead of holding onto only what was not achieved.

Fear of failure has held back countless number of people from achieving their goals and dreams. You don’t need to be one of them. Implement these ideas might help to set you on the right course to overcoming your fear and onto greater success and achievement.

Best regards,

Paul, from Beyond My Label.

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