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Category: General mental health

Differences between mental health and mental illness

Attitude problem

Past beliefs about mental illness

Mental illness is not your fault

Causes of mental health disorders

What is dual diagnosis?

Denying mental illness

What is personality

Personality types and career choices

Cultures and mental illness


Category: Mental health recovery

What is recovery

Thinking negatively about yourself


Walking the road of recovery


Category: Communication skills

Paraphrasing in mental health



Category: Stigma

Mental health stigma

Famous people with mental health problems

Should mental disorders and illnesses actually be named?

Stereotyping in mental health



Category: Help for carers, families and friends

Caring for someone with depression

Developing empathy

Category: Help for depression

Is depression a ‘thought disorder’ or a ‘brain disorder’?

Good therapist for depression

Causes of depression


Category: Help for stress and general anxiety

Embracing your worries

Stress and high blood pressure


Category: Help for suicide

Suicide warning signs

Myths about suicide


Category: Help for alcohol and other drugs

Depression and alcohol

Opiates and opioids


Category: A little positivity

Building courage




Category: Counselling and therapy

Positive psychology

Cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety



Category: Self-care and development


Your inner critical voice

Emotional intelligence

Finding new opportunities

Overcoming fear of failure

Mindfulness to increase emotional intelligence

Time for change

Get out of your comfort zone

The skill of critical thinking

All or nothing thinking