Finding new opportunities


Finding new opportunities

Finding new opportunities

Finding new opportunities may sound daunting, but it need not be. Each day brings its own set of new possibilities and choices. Opportunities are inhibited or silenced  though if we evade them because we fear risks. We may fear leaving the familiarity of our comfort zone.  Perhaps we would rather not rock the boat. We might even think our life is just fine the way it is now. But what if these opportunities could be what you need to be happier, and live a better life?

Change certainly doesn’t need to be big and dramatic. It can occur within the little things you do every day. Finding new opportunities can come through things like discovering a new place to go, introducing yourself to someone new, spicing up your wardrobe, or adding some highlights to your hair. Little things like this that may seem trivial now, if you do them, might make a difference in how you perceive life. With each little change, your self-confidence may improve, and your comfort zone just might start to get smaller.

Finding new opportunities

To reach somewhere you’ve never been, you will likely have to do something you’ve never tried before. It may not work at first, but eventually you are much more likely to come out on top. Something will have happened to your character, a change for the better. You may not see it at first, but it’s there. With each new eye-opening challenge, you will believe more and more in your abilities and inner strength than ever before. You will become more aware of your abilities. You will be better aware that you can break through those barriers holding you back. As you face new challenges, you become stronger and more excited by the prospect of life itself. Here are some ideas about finding new opportunities to help you get started:

– Write down your thoughts and feelings. Writing, in a way, helps organise your thoughts and lets you see things from an outsider’s point of view. It can help you deal with your fears and worries. Writing can also help you keep the past in the past (Psychology Today, 2015).

Experiences and situations that you’ve been through in the past but may still be stalling you from progressing. While we can’t change the past, try as we might, we do have a say on how our future will evolve. Learn from your past mistakes, pick yourself up and shape your own future.

– Look for positives in negative situations. It may be difficult to see in times of trials or dark periods, but positives can come from negatives. How we interpret things can make such a difference. Of course, with trauma, grief and loss, it is very difficult to see any positives. Yet in time, you may grow on your already existing strengths. You can discover new ways of healing. You can become more resilient.

– Identify obstacles holding you back. Be honest about this. However, try not to see them as insurmountable. We all have habits or thinking patterns we wish we could break, but don’t know how. It could be because there is something else we are storing safely in our subconscious. Once you realize what it is you’re trying to avoid, you can ditch the habit or avoidance behaviour and begin a healthy journey on the road to reaching goals.

– Believe in yourself. You’re the only one who can dictate how you feel about yourself. If you have a strong sense of self, others will believe it. And if you endow a sense of not being really sure, others will believe that too.

Finding new opportunities

– Change how you think the world works. Many people who have reached their dreams have done this. They have turned dreams into reality.They challenged the laws governing their world, hoping and dreaming of something better, something no one else thought possible. You don’t have to go out and invent something completely out of thin air, but simply adjust your perception of the world to accommodate fresh ideas and potential.

Finding new opportunities

– Commence doing something you’ve been putting off. Start that new language course or art class, whatever you have had your eyes on but kept pushing back for so many reasons. Make a choice to begin and act on it.

– Take regular walks. Fresh air and exercise, what’s not to love? You get some vitamin D while clearing your mind and taking in the world around you. Be mindful of where you are and of the people and animals (like magpies) around you.

– Volunteer. Meeting people for the first time and connecting with them opens your eyes up to the world. It can open such wonderful opportunities.  It can also help give your life meaning. A smile, a handshake or a hug will do wonders for your self-esteem, and you just might brighten someone’s day. People like it when you appreciate and acknowledge them.

– Speak up in meetings. You know when you’re in a meeting and get that great idea, but just one second later, you feel it’s dumb and not worth mentioning? This is common. However, it is the ones whose ideas got implemented which are the ones who weren’t afraid to speak their minds, realizing they may get rejected but knowing full well that their ideas are worth listening to.

You deserve to be the happiest you can be. Open your eyes to the opportunities around you and let them guide you to a better, more rewarding life. Finding opportunities is not so difficult with a bit of self-belief.

Finding new opportunities


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