EAP for Staff


EAP for Staff

EAP (Employment Assistance Program) for Staff.

Helpline: 0407 086 000

Email: support@eapassist.com.au

EAP Whistleblower Program.

BML offers an EAP for all staff members. Staff can visit our EAP provider here: https://eapassist.com.au/

Here is some information from EAP Assist:


An EAP or Employee Assistance Program is a counselling service provided by employers to their staff to support their staffs’ emotional & psychological well-being both in the workplace & in their personal lives. An EAP can help workplaces adopt a more proactive, preventative approach to workplace mental health & assist in creating a culture of care.


Counselling is an opportunity for an employee to have a confidential conversation with an experienced counsellor. It is a time to talk freely, to discuss strategies, develop skills & gain information & advice to improve well-being & life satisfaction. Counselling should begin by speaking with a qualified EAP Assist counsellor & completing the EAP Assist Wellness Check Up Assessment.


  1. Provided immediately when needed.
  2. No need to make & wait for appointments.
  3. No lost time from work.
  4. No travelling costs.
  5. Available when it will be most beneficial.
  6. Employees prefer the anonimity of phone counselling.
  7. Phone counselling confidentiality reduces the stigma associated with seeking support.
  8. Therapy delivered by phone has been found to be as effective in reducing symptoms as face-to-face therapy.
  9. Research suggests that Phone Therapy results in employee satisfaction with both the therapy and the quality of their relationship that is similar to levels of satisfaction with face-to-face therapy.
  10. Research has shown that employees significantly prefer EAP phone counselling above video calls and face-to-face counselling.



EAP Assist services should be utilized by all employees, not just those struggling with mental health issues, to make a positive impact on their personal & professional lives. EAP Assist is a full well-being model focusing on helping all employees feel better, feel less stressed, be more resilient & more confident by providing a very broad range of professional wellness services.


No information regarding what is discussed within a counselling session is released to any third party or organisation without prior consent.


At the completion of a telephone consultation employees may randomly be sent a text or email asking them to rank their satisfaction with the support provided in order to ensure that valued services are being delivered.


Employees may book appointments from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm Monday to Friday AEST using the Booking Form or call their Helpline Number from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday AEST. For counselling outside of these hours please request a suitable call-back time using your dedicated Helpline Number (remember to leave a message) or via our contact form: https://eapassist.com.au/contact/.


All EAP Assist counsellors have tertiary qualifications in either psychology, social work or counselling obtained from Australian Universities & all have extensive experience in the delivery of Employee Assistance Programs. All counsellors are employed on a full time basis & remunerated according to award conditions & are all located in our Head Office in Melbourne to ensure quality control. Each company is allocated a dedicated counsellor to ensure continuity of services & to minimizing the need for employees to repeat their story. Unlike other EAP providers, EAP Assist does not employee contract or casual counsellors to ensure quality & continuity of services.


When an employee calls their Helpline during business hours it is answered by a counsellor, if available, alternatively a suitable call back time is arranged. All requests for call backs are guaranteed to occur within 24 hours or as requested by the caller.



EAP Assist is the only Australian EAP Provider to employ full-time counsellors, with all other providers using casual contract counsellors through a brokerage model. What this means is that when you speak with an EAP Assist counsellor you can be assured that, not only will they have the appropriate qualifications, but also have a minimum of ten years experience in providing EAP services, as opposed to possibly speaking with a graduate with no or minimal EAP experience.


As well as traditional counselling services EAP Assist facilitates research & evidence based technology driven digital programs for all member employees providing on-demand, prompt, accessible & flexible support at no extra cost. Program are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is scientifically proven to be effective. The Online programs include phone and/or chat coaching to manage a range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, stress & burnout & can be completed during times that suit the employee. All Programs are mediated through your company’s dedicated counsellor. By the completion of each digital program it is assumed that employees will have learnt to inspect their thoughts & change their behaviour adopting tools to become more resilient & more engaged in life & work. Not just an UpRise but a SuperRise in the State of the Art Medical Technology in the delivery of EAP Services. Programs include:

Anxiety & Other Mental Health Issues

Depression & Other Mental Health Issues

Stress Management Program

Posttraumatic Stress Program

Obsessive & Compulsive Program

Insomnia Program

Eating Disorder & Body Image Program

Young Person’s Anxiety Program

Suicide Awareness & Prevention Program

Grief & Bereavement Program

Drug & Alcohol Program

Gambling Program

Anger Management & Relationships Program

Domestic Violence Program

Dietary& Exercise Program

Quit Smoking Program

Pain Management Program

Debt Management Program

Parenting Program

LGBTI Program

Mindfulness Meditation Program

Small Business Owners Program

Work Well Employer’s Program

Symptom Checker Program

My Health Check Program

Workplace Advice Program

New Parents Program

Young Parents Program

Divorce & Separation Program

Panic Attack Program

Healthy Lifestyle Program

Supporting Others Program

Social Anxiety Program

Generalized Anxiety Program

Reduce Your Use Program

Wellness Program

Community Order Toolkit

The Wellbeing Course

My Anxiety Plan

As well as many others