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About Beyond My Label

My name is Paul Inglis, owner and founder of Beyond My Label (BML). I have over forty years lived experience of mental health challenges. My formal qualifications include a Certificate 4 in Mental Health Peer Work, a Certificate 4 in Mental Health, a Diploma of Counselling, and I am currently undertaking a bachelor course in human services. I also have have a TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate, as I taught English in Russia for three years.

Through my own battles with OCD, major depression, a personality disorder, substance abuse and more, I developed a dedicated desire to reach out to others and to share the spirit of hope which is central to recovery (Tondora, Miller, Slade & Davidson, 2014, pp. 9-10). This is a brief introduction to how Beyond My Label was born. You too can experience recovery, and become the person you and others know you can be.


What is offered here on Beyond My Label?

  • Registered NDIS service provision.
  • QPR (Question Persuade Refer) suicide prevention training (coming soon).
  • Mental Health First Aid training.
  • Mental health resources.
  • Free e-books and articles.
  • e-courses (coming soon).
  • FACTS and PCR training (coming soon).
  • Link to BML blog (coming soon).
  • Recommended referrals and resources (coming soon).
  • Promotional products and services for your website, business or organisation.

Registered NDIS service provision:

BML provides services as a registered NDIS provider in the following areas:

  • Development of Life Skills.
  • Participate in the Community.
  • Assistance with Personal Activities.

How Beyond My Label began:

Beyond My Label began (by Paul Inglis; founder and owner) as a registered business on the 20th of June, 2016. I could see the potential of being able to support others with their walk of mental health challenges due firstly to my own recovery, and secondly, with the NDIS coming through. I commenced further studies in human services (majoring in counselling) in October, 2016, and then started doing some private support work as a subcontractor. Not until October, 2018 did I actually get around to going through the process of becoming an approved NDIS service provider. I was approved in February (Provider Registration Number: 4050 044 998).Our services include those listed above.


A little more about Paul:

My battle with mental illness has been with me all of my life, only now, I am so much better. OCD has been by far my greatest battle, in fact it had a far greater impact on my life than major depressive disorder which required ECT.

I experienced terrible anxiety and frustration. I thought I was a freak, but not anything special such as a person with supernatural abilities. Things kept going round in my mind again and again and again and again. So many things. Things such as recalling (obsessive and compulsive behaviours) visual images in my mind of having breakfast; maybe I had forgotten, or maybe I did not leave the toilet light switch completely clean. There were so many things, far too many to mention here. There were hundreds of things, it was shocking.

The complexity of so many things, so complex it is impossible to describe briefly. The catastrophic consequences of what would happen or might happen if I forgot to do something, or if something was not done ‘the right way’ (and this goes far, far beyond perfectionism). The complexity of doing things that shouldn’t be so difficult such as making a cup of tea. The repetitive ideas and urges to keep checking things to a ridiculously large amount of times. The intense headaches, the panic attacks and the horrible constant metallic taste in my mouth. Then the feelings of self-doubt, guilt, the need for reassurance from others, the self-loathing, the helplessness, the hopelessness. And the self-harming, it just goes on. It was all too much. It seemed better that maybe I should end it all.

Through all the agony, the soul-searching and so much more, I got to a stage where I had exhausted all avenues of help without myself truly believing and challenging myself to change. A sense of hope was born. Change was round the corner. Change took a long time, but bit by bit, resilience was strengthened and a new sense of self was born too. Recovery had begun.

If you wish to share anything about yourself, please contact me.

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Tondora, J., Miller, R., Slade, M. & Davidson, L. (2014). Partnering for recovery in mental health. West Sussex, UK: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.